film blowing machine

Bag Multi-layer co-extrusion PP Material Stretch Agricultural Mini IBC High Speed Film Blowing Machine

Product Details

Double Winding
Automatic suction machine + 2 screws
Auto Dosing System
IBC Control
Stable Bubble
Three-layer co-extrusion rotary die head
Film blowing machine debugging platform
Haul-Off Rotary System
high speed wind ring
Herringbone Plate
Electrical Control Cabinet
Auto Double Winder
EPC control

Film application

Plastic Bag

Here are different types of plastic bags:Grocery bags/T-Shirt bags/ Ziplock bags/ Trash bags/ Produce bags/ Freezer bags/ Garment bags/ Courier bags/ Mattress bags/ Biodegradable compostable bags etc.

Food packaging

PE: Used for packaging bread, fruits, vegetables, and frozen foods. PP: Commonly used for packaging snacks, chips, cookies, and dry food items. Nylon: Used for vacuum packaging meat and cheese products. Multi-Layered Bags: Combinations of different plastic materials for strength, barrier properties, and moisture resistance.


Mulch Films/ Greenhouse Films/ Silage Films/ Tunnel Films/ Fumigation Films/ Seedling Trays and Pots/ Fruit and Vegetable Packaging Films/ Pond Liners

Plastic films used in the construction

Vapor Barriers/ Roofing Membranes/ Insulation Films/ Construction Enclosures/ Window Films/ Protective Films/ Geomembranes/ Scaffold Sheeting

Our factory

Looking for a reliable blown film machine production line manufacturer?

Wenzhou E-SHION Machinery Co., Ltd. have more than 20 years of experience, specializing in the production of high-quality blown film machines. We pride ourselves on providing custom solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer, and our dedicated team of engineers and technicians ensure our machines are reliable and efficient. In addition, we offer a comprehensive after-sales service, including maintenance and repair services, to keep your business running smoothly.


Auto Loader​

Die head

Digital Corona Treater


Screw and Barrel

Double Air Vent Air Ring

Gear Box

High-Speed Net Changer

Hem Rewinding Machine

Customer Case


Maldives customer

When the customer from the Maldives was looking for a small-sized single-layer shrinkable film blowing machine, they turned to our company for help. After discussing their needs and requirements, we recommended a machine with rotary die head that fit their needs perfectly to make LDPE shrinkable film rolls. They purchased the machines and successfully assembled them for production, which helped them to expand their business and make more profits.


Russia customer

Similarly, a customer from Russia was so impressed with the quality and performance of our ABA blown film machine that they decided to purchase another one from us. We were delighted to see them return as a repeat customer, and we worked closely with them to ensure that the machine was installed and running smoothly.

Colombia Customer

Another customer from Colombia was looking for a reliable and high-quality rotating die head blown film machine, and once again, they turned to our company for help. After providing them with detailed specifications and features of our machine, they purchased it and began a long-term partnership with us. We continue to work closely with them to provide ongoing support and maintenance for their machine.


Mexico Customer

Mexico Customer was interested in a three-layer co-extrusion blown film machine to expand their business. After discussing their specific needs and preferences, we recommended a machine that fit their requirements perfectly. They were able to assemble the machine with ease and quickly began producing high-quality film to meet their growing demand.

our exhibition

Our factory is located in Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, China.
About 40 minutes by plane (4 hours by train) from Shanghai. We will pick you up at the airport or station. Welcome to visit our factory

Normally, our delivery time is 30-45 days. If you need it urgently, we can manufacture your machine first. about 10 days

18 months warranty and lifetime maintenance.

Coated with anti-corrosion oil and covered with plastic film, additional cost is required for wooden box packing.

Our engineers can go to customer’s factory for installation. The buyer should prepare the materials for testing the machine in advance, and should be responsible for the cost of the supplier’s technicians, including round-trip air tickets, visa fees, accommodation and wages, from the date of starting work to the date of arrival at the factory, USD 100 per person per day.

We accept T/T, L/C. Western Union.

We will express replacement parts free of charge during the warranty period.

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24 hours oneline


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